An Ode To Reflectionships…


So I’m no longer in the relationship that sparked all the blog posts in the ‘Relationships’ category. However, this particular sub-category contains blogs written during that relationship. These were actually posted under a different blog that I had at the time:¬†Reflectionships.

Reflectionships introduced me to the world of blogging, and sparked a desire in me to keep doing so. I didn’t realise how much I loved writing until I started doing it ‘regularly.’ Can we talk about how frustrating it was to be able to write 1000 word blogs in less than an hour, but spend weeks trying to think of the first line of a university assignment? There were times I legit wished I could get a degree in blogging!

But honestly, the craziest part of my initial blogging experience was realising that people were actually reading it! Like what?! This was actually making sense to other people? I genuinely love to have, talk, and write devotions. These might be oldies, but I hope they’re still goodies.

I won’t be adding anything to this section except from the Reflectionships archive; however, to those of you in relationships (presumably why you’re in this section, right?), a more recent tidbit for you is this:

You don’t regret the things you did half as much as the things you didn’t do.

Although I hope you don’t break up, if you do, I want you to go your separate ways knowing you gave that person the BEST of you.


It’s strange reading them back and realising that I definitely didn’t take my own advice on so many occasions. But each blog accurately reflects my feelings at the time of writing.

I truly hope that you’re blessed by the content herein. Promise me something, though? If you’re convicted about something you read – don’t let that conviction wane!


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