A Single Pringle


You know what’s funny? Prior to my last relationship I wasn’t all that bothered about being single. I was single and unbothered. Or at least that’s how I remember it…

However, after the break up, I started to feel my singleness more acutely. I hadn’t planned to be single again and I didn’t like it. It didn’t help that everyone seemed to be in seemingly happy and long-lasting relationships.

I definitely don’t have the gift of singleness (1 Cor 7:6-9). However, one of my main takeaways from the break up was: I’m not as ready for marriage as I thought. Therefore, in my attempt to find a silver lining (in what was otherwise a very sad and depressing time in my life), I realised that there was much to be gained from the break up. Much in the sense that I now know things about myself that I didn’t before. Some things are great, and others are less great.

No pressure on the next guy, but I REALLY REALLY hope he’s the last.

On my end, part of ensuring he’s the last, is being vigilant in preventing the issues from the last relationship having a sequel in the next. Naturally, other issues that I won’t have factored in will arise (and I’m sure he’ll have his own); but, I now have a greater insight into what I’M like in a long-term relationship.


Is this single pringle ready to mingle? Well, all in God’s timing… the friend that constantly reminds me I have X amount of years before I reach my ‘sell by’ date is rather amusing, though.

Since ‘knowing better’ means you must ‘do better’, I’m actually super excited about what the next time will be like. It’s exciting because it’ll represent uncharted territory in my capacity to love. I don’t know who you are, but you’re going to be super lucky*!

*said with confidence not arrogance 😉


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