new year

Start your year on the right foot by recommitting yourself to God. Spend time laying your plans before Him and seeking His guidance. No matter what goes wrong in any year, may your relationship with Him be one of the things that goes right.

Happy New Year! It feels like I haven’t blogged in forever. Whilst I don’t intend to return to weekly blog posts, I am aiming to blog more regularly than of late. The most important lesson I learned in 2020 is undoubtedly that I need to see myself the way that God sees me. This lesson […]

January 1, 2021


I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about 2020! Not just this year, but the entire decade. As I write this, I’m reflecting on the past decade and so much has changed… way more than my 14-year-old self could have possibly imagined. But that’s the thing with life, there are so many twists and […]

January 3, 2020



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